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Blader door mijn werk

Andre Schoorlemmer is a musiccomposer and an autodidact. His Neoclassical music abounds with escapism, dreaminess, and melancholy. Gently influenced by Johnny Greenwood, Arvo Pärt, and Ennio Morricone.
he started his musical playing in grungry rockbands, after that touring via popmusic, worldmusic and theatre, he decided in 2017 to focus on composing for film and starting his own studio.
Currently most of his work is filmscores. His scores have premiered at the cannes filmfestival and his work has won awards

My studio is based in a former prison. This is the place where i create music, invite guest musicians and play with real instruments, adore vintage and use modern techniques

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All pictures on this site by Annelien Nijland.